This Village In Madhya Pradesh Rents Wives In Exchange Of Few Thousands

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After hearing some news, I ask a question to myself that “Am I living in a country which once treated the woman as a goddess?”. Dowry harassments, sexual harassments and I just can’t understand why some men see women as a materialistic asset, children producing machine and money generating machine in the form of dowries. Is this the problem with the thinking of such men or their mother failed to bring up them in a proper way?

Furthermore, Only parents have the complete right to punish their children if they commit any mistakes. Not just mistakes, I should say heinous crimes against women. Indian men don’t look at their mother, daughter, wife, and sister. But they are so obsessed to look at other women. WHY? When I am already irritated with this kind of people, there is yet another incident that irked me to the core. And I know, it will disgust you too in the same manner provided you have an empathetic heart towards mankind.


Shivpuri’s Disgusting Custom


Furthermore, A village named Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh follows a disgusting custom related to women. It follows a trend of RENTING wives. Yes. You read that right. We know about renting cars, houses, apartments and a lot of other stuff. But renting wives is utterly disgusting. In addition, People in cities are much worried about girl’s education, their jobs. Some parents applaud their decision in regard to marriage. And in the village, there are a bunch of these women, from the same circle, who are being sold off.


What Happens In This Village?


If rich men cannot get themselves married or fail to find a partner, they just rent a woman on the monthly or yearly basis for prices as low as a few thousand. Furthermore, These men who do not have a wife or a partner simply sign on stamp papers worth Rs 10 and the deal is locked. These men also have an option to renew it or move on once the contract ends. In addition, People in Shivpuri, a district located in the central Indian, in the Gwalior Division of northwest Madhya Pradesh rent their wives for a month or even a year to the rich men who can’t get themselves married. The situation is disgusting that all this is done in exchange for just a few thousand rupees.



However, Shivpuri is not the only place to have indulged in such shameless activities. A man in Gujarat sold his wife to a rich businessman for a monthly rental of Rs 8000 in 2006. In addition, Thomson Reuters Foundation conducted a poll and said that India is ranked as the most dangerous country for women after Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Syria. It is equally disturbing to hear this kind of statements.


What Is The Root Cause?

Furthermore, I feel really disgusting when I know about such trends being followed in my country.  I wonder why woman parents don’t react to this shameless activity. Why is everyone in the village silent towards this atrocity? Why aren’t they raising their voice against it? What is really preventing them?

What is your reaction towards this custom? Share us in the comments.  And there is a woman who taught a lesson to idiotic men. Check out the story here.

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