Delhi Cops Fail To Rescue And Woman Fights Bravely With Harasser

Girl faces assault without policevia

Back in 2004, I used to see atrocities on women related to dowry harassment every single day in the newspaper. I got afraid of the society after seeing how terribly and brutally girl got killed by in-laws and husband for dowry. After several thousands of women deaths related to dowry, finally, the law became strict in this regard.

Now in the present scenario, in addition to dowry harassments, sexual harassments on women are getting increased day by day. It is the need of the hour for every woman to learn some fighting techniques to save herself.


I really don’t know why police are there. It seems people try so hard for government jobs only to eat illegal money and increase their pot bellies.

On Thursday 6:30 pm, a 23-year-old woman called to the Delhi Police control room for help as a man allegedly started harassing her outside the New Delhi Metro Station. But it fell on deaf ears. Delhi Police did not turn up at the spot to save her despite repeated calls.

The student of architecture from Jamia Milia Islamia University had to fight her way.

“I was standing outside the New Delhi Metro Station looking for a rickshaw to Paharganj when a drunk rickshaw-puller came running after me and forced me to go with him.”


“I refused and kept walking until he came rushing and grabbed my hand and said, ‘Ab tu mere he saath chalegi’ (Now you will have to go with me alone).” The victim said, “I turned around and smashed the water bottle in my hand, on his face. Later, I slapped him and dragged him to the police post, right in gate number 1 of the metro station.”

When the victim entered the post, not a single policeman was present. It was the locals who helped her dial the mentioned helpline numbers.


“The person told me that, ‘madam bas paanch mint mein police bhejta hoon’ (Madam, I will send the police in just five minutes), then I called again after 15 minutes and he repeated the same sentences. I kept waiting for 30 minutes until that accused shamelessly said, madam, please forgive and go as no one is going to come,” said the victim.

As law didn’t come to her for rescue, the victim began beating the accused with a stick. She kept beating him till he began begging for mercy and his arms started to bleed.

Delhi Police spoke to her and assured action after the victim narrated the entire ordeal on the internet. Thanks to social media!

The Delhi Police has suspended two officers, a duty officer and an investigating officer to whom the call was marked, over laxity and not taking necessary action.

If this continues then one day people will form a massive group and turn up so brutally and kill idiots like this in public. That day government has to hang their heads out of shame.

People who are preparing for government jobs say a lot that they are joining to help society. But in reality, they join to help themselves and to protect their family members.

Isn’t it so? However, what the girl did is really appreciable. Kudos to her braveness.

What do you say? Share us in the comments.  And this is not the first time that cops ignored to react. There’s another such case where they didn’t take a boy to an hospital who was dying from an accident just because their car would get dirty. Read about it here.

Pavani Bharathula
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