Simplicity Shown By Actor Vikram Mastal Is Winning Hearts Of Many

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When you have many people following you, admire you, then you should set such an example for the society that people trust and love you more. The same kind of gesture was shown by famous actor Vikram Mastal.

Vikram Mastal who is from a very small town of Madhya Pradesh has shown amazing gesture when people were not following traffic rules. He came out from his vehicle and started guiding people with traffic police control. People were amazed by seeing such a gesture from an actor.


Vikram who is known for his outings in Television, be it the character of Hanuman at Ramayan 2008, or the portray of Balwinder Singh from Netflix web series 21 Sarfarosh Saragarhi. Vikram is an amazing actor who is promoting his upcoming Bollywood film Suspense.

He posted a Video on his social media where we saw him helping the traffic police officers, to make people aware of the Traffic Rules and requested them to follow it.

On a discussion with Praneet Samaiya, Founder of Entertales on a call, Vikram told,

 I have a different kind of Love and Respect for the people who are serving our nation. And I Believe that we are nothing without them, they are selflessly willing to give away their comfort and Personal Life for our Safety, as a responsible citizen it is our duty to follow the rules which are made for our betterment.”

“We were sitting and planning our Promotional tour and during that time we got the thought that we should do something for the nation be it big or small doesn’t matter”.

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Libas Vikram Mastal

Small things can make big differences. Being a celebrity, setting such an example for your admirers and followers is an amazing thing to do. Vikram Mastal is one of the most handsome and also one of the hottest Instagram celebrities of 2018. We love how Vikram Mastal talked to people and tell them about the safety and traffic rules. What do you say about this gesture from him?

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