How To Make Your Next Corporate Offsite Unforgettable?

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Offsite training is perhaps the best way to help employees acquire new skills while also allowing them to enjoy themselves.

Here are some great tips to get employees energized and help them reach their goals.


1.  Have An Ice Breaker

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If the offsite involves employees from different teams, start with an ice breaker to make sure everyone is comfortable in the room.

A simple introduction can ease the general anxiousness that might creep in. At this point, you can also include a simple activity that involves everyone to work as a team to pave the way for the other activities.


2. Ask The People What They Want

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At the beginning of the training, it is important to understand what people expect from the training in order to set the tone right. This can also be useful and you can concentrate on one aspect of the training more than the others if enough people lean towards a particular skill.


3. Continuous Feedback Loop

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Instead of asking for feedback at the end, make sure to get people to give you feedback intermittently to hone the training to make sure everyone understands what is being conveyed.

To test people’s understanding, you can also have a slew of team building activities. Team activities are a fun way to gauge if everyone is, in fact, learning,


4. Let People Ask Questions

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Allow people to ask questions and have a pre-determined Q&A session to encourage questions. This will allow you to understand if the training is effective.

If you don’t want to have a traditional Q&A, you can have people write down their questions and answer them anonymously. Anonymous questions may be a better way for the audience to truly ask a question without any fear.

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