Places That Will Pay You To Live There And Offer Many Incentives


5. New Haven, Connecticut, USA – Offers Several Incentives


Connecticut is probably most famous as it is the home of Yale University. The city also offers free tuition at an in-state college for kids who graduate from a public school here. It also offers several incentives to attract new residents.

For first-time home buyers, there is $10,000 ($7,500) down payment assistance and if you live in your home for more than five years the loan is totally written off. There are also forgivable loans of up to $30,000 (£22,520) for energy-saving home upgrades.


6. Baltimore, Maryland, USA – Pays You To Buy A Vacant Plot


To make people stay and make a home here, Baltimore will pay you US$10,000 to buy a vacant plot and develop it. The city also offers other incentives, such as loans for home upgrades. Baltimore has a program called Buying into Baltimore that offers a $5,000 (£3,750) incentive to use towards buying a home anywhere in Baltimore City. However, you need to attend one of the two annual Buying into Baltimore events that occur in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter to be eligible for the deal. 30 applicants who meet the buying criteria are selected by lottery to receive the award.


7. Yukon, Canada  – Funds To help Return Land To Agricultural Use


Yukon that offers many adventurous activities like horseback riding, cycling, kayaking, ice fishing, golf, and skiing, is running a program to encourage the growth of its agriculture industry called Growing Forward. It includes funding to help return the land to agricultural use and support for various project costs. Applicants must be able to deal with the harsh Yukon winters.


8. Alaska, USA  – Offers Annual Dividend


If you don’t mind the cold there are fantastic benefits to be gained from moving here permanently. Alaskan residents will receive an annual dividend from the Alaska Department of Revenue’s Permanent Fund Dividend Division. The actual amount paid is based on the number of eligible Alaskan applicants in a dividend year. Residents must have lived in Alaska for at least a year and not have left the state for more than a specified number of days.

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