Places That Will Pay You To Live There And Offer Many Incentives


9. Curtis, Nebraska, USA – Offers Free Residential Building Plots


Located in southern Nebraska, Curtis is a small rural community offering free residential building plots for the construction of single-family homes. Some of the plots even look over a golf course in the Medicine Creek Valley. You can get the lot for free if you complete the construction within a specific time period.


10. Mauritius – Pays Every Month If You Start Business


Mauritius which is a tropical paradise offers 20,000 Mauritian rupees per month for a year if you start a business there under the Mauritius Business Growth Scheme. However, your product has to be fresh, unique and innovative.


11. Chile – Offers Free Funding To Start Business


To encourage people to settle and start businesses in the South American country, Start-Up Chile offers a range of programs. You can get free funding, a one-year working visa, and training or mentorship.


12. New Richland, Minnesota – Gives Land For Free


New Richland which is a farming town in southern Minnesota with a population of around 1,200 offers land for free. Yes, it gives land for free if you build in the community’s Homestake subdivision. You can live a life of leisure as it has a golf course and hiking trails nearby.

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