Meet Cassandra De Pecol Who Travelled To 196 Countries In The World!

Cassandra De PecolCassandra De Pecol


If we hear that someone travelled to all the fabulous places in India itself then we get impressed and take inspiration. But how do you feel if I say, a 28-year-old woman travelled not to just one country but all 196 countries in the world?

Yes. You read it right.

A 28-year-old, Cassandra De Pecol from America broke the Guinness World Record to become the youngest, fastest and first documented woman to travel to all the 196 countries in the world in a record-breaking 18 months and 26 days.


Still can’t get over how I’ve raced 3 Ironman 70.3’s and countless sprint/Olympic tris on rental bikes and an old, aluminum Bianchi that was passed down to my mom when I was a kid and shared between my brother and I really until I moved out to LA this past summer. My brother has the bike in Brooklyn now, and I realized that I was faced with a bit of a problem as I train for my first full Ironman without a road bike. Just like the Expedition, being able to afford this bike took sacrifices and saving every penny since I finished my Expedition. Alas! As of last weekend, I’m the proud owner of a @bianchi_usa Intrepida Tiagra , and couldn’t be any happier ‍♀️. It was the final missing piece to my triathlon collection, and I can’t wait to put some serious miles in and around the coastline and mountains of SoCal!! A huge THANK YOU to Todd over at @bikeattack for spending hours with me at the shop to ensure that the fit and function of the bike pared seamlessly with my build and level. Amazing shop and knowledgeable guys over there!

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Her amazing journey is called Expedition196.

Meet the adventurous Cassie De Pecol…


I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. On my Expedition, I brought a tripod, my Nikon D750, and both a 14-24mm wide angle and 70-200 telephoto lens, along with microphone (for filming) and two lighting fixtures (all in one carry-on, my only bag !). But this photo and my previous one from Rouen, we’re both taken with my iPhone 7 Plus in “Portrait” mode, set on top of a garbage can. I once learned from a friend (@alenpalander ), that you don’t need any fancy camera equipment to capture an epic photo, it just takes a good eye and the right lighting to do so. Great advice. I ditched all my camera equipment for this trip and am relying solely on my iPhone and random trash cans to collect all my moments from France. So, cheers to that! . Oh, and of course with the help of @ubyuniworld taking me to some pretty amazing places along the Seine ☺️❤️ #TravelforU

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1. Here is what she took with her..



2. And her map of course!



3. She was nearly broke, ran out of money and funding, but her positive attitude and perseverance kept her going!



4. Maldives- the destination of sun, sand and ocean


In one of her interviews, she admitted on having given up on her social life to save every single penny. “I pretty much had to give up my social life. No going out, no going out for lunches or anything.” But she ran out of her savings and funding in the middle of her travel, which forced her to come back home.


5. She wanted to make it to the pages of the Guinness World Record.


She wasn’t allowed to stay more than 14 days in one particular country. To stay in the competition, she just had 14 days to raise fund or arrange for rest of the money back home in the US. However, she made impossible possible.


6. She’s traveling as an Ambassador for Peace on behalf of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (IIPT). 



7. She budgeted a whopping $198,000 (£170,000) for the trip – most of which was given by sponsors.



8. She’s only 28 but she’s already seen more than most will see in a lifetime



9. Cassandra De Pecol had completed her “see the world” dream by February 2017.


Now that she has achieved her dreams, she has become an inspiration for others too. 


Oh hey , from a random cobblestone side street in Rouen, France. I traveled to every country alone and I continue to find comfort in solo exploration, even when on a cruise surrounded by people. The moment I step foot off the ship (this week, @ubyuniworld), I like to create my own memories by wondering aimlessly through vacant side streets and trying foods at little hole-in-the-wall places. I find that I’m able to connect with locals more so if I’m alone. Where’s the best place to see? Where’s the best place to eat the most local and authentic food? How do I get back to the ship? Locals know everything, best to trust the unknown, even when it comes to people in foreign countries, they always want to help and show you the very best of their culture; whether it be France, DRC or Yemen, it’s all the same sense of humanity when it comes to discovering new things within a culture ☺️ #TravelforU

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Wanna become next Cassandra De Pecol? Start exploring the world. Life is too short and utilise every second to fulfill your dreams.

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How many states and countries you have explored so far? Share your experiences with us in the comments.  

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