These 7 Recent Discoveries Which Proved Text Books Wrong



Scientists with constant effect increasing our knowledge about  Earth and universe. With the development of several machines and technologies, new astonishing facts are coming out.

What is surprising is that these new discoveries contradicted with several established facts which forced us to make changes in textbooks.

7 Recent Discoveries Which Are Contradictory To Existing Facts

1. Antarctica Was A Tropical Paradise Once

Recent Discoveries Atlantica

Antarctica may today is called an ice forest but in a recent discovery, several remains of bamboos and ferms in the form of fossilized and as well as the ancient reptile ichthyosaur were found. These discoveries indicate that Antarctica was not same 50 million years ago. A most Vulnerable place to live was once a paradise for several forest creatures and even had the sandy beaches too.


2. Asians Discovered America

Recent Discoveries Atlantica

From our childhood, we are listening that  Columbus discovered America but a team of archeologists discovered several carved stone painting in the northern part of modern U.S. Interestingly script on these paintings is Chinese. Researchers made a conclusion that much before Romans and Columbus It were Asians who used to roam around this part of America. Time period they were given is around the 13th century.


3. Prehistoric Men And Dinosaurs Co-Existed

Recent Discoveries

Till now we believe that dinosaurs died much before the human race came into existence but paleontologist Otis E. Kline, Jr found a Triceratops brown horn. After research, it is proved that dinosaurs can be dated back to 33500 years ago which is contradictory that dinosaurs died around 65 million years ago. The conclusion is that men and these giants co-existed once in history.


4. Giant Stone Spheres In Costa Rica

Recent Discoveries Costarica

Giant Stone Spheres of Costa Rica, mystery about them still unsolved and ancient civilizations didn’t leave any proof. Discovery showed that they are made of different materials like limestone, sandstone and magmatic rock.


5. Life On Mars

Recent Discoveries Mars

For last several years, the whole scientific community is searching whether there is any hint of life on Mars now or earlier ages. Recent research made consensus that there is a part of the Red planet which was covered with ocean. Through satellite pictures and Mars rover, one thing is certain that Mars had a high-temperature surface covered with water. It leads space agencies that Mars could have been inhabited at some period of time.


6. Egypt Is Not Only Place Of Pyramids

Recent Discoveries Pyramids

Pyramids of Gija is one of the most massive and superb creations of mankind but what shocked everyone when amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagić in 2015 claimed that he has discovered pyramids in Bosnia which dates back even older then Pyramids of Gija. Other scientists called it as pseudoarchaeological but if he is confident about his discovery then definitely it can be a big shock the whole world.


7. Origin Of Powerlifting

Recent Discoveries Greek

It is believed that Powerlifting as a sport emerged in America around 1950’s but it actually goes back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Famous Greek wrestler, Milo Of Croton was famous for its unbelievable strength he used to pick a calf on his shoulder and he kept doing it till that calf grown as a full-size bull. according to historians, this can be marked as the origin of powerlifting.

It is astonishing that facts we used to believe as sheer truths now contradicting with latest discoveries and its time to update our textbooks.

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