Are You Aware About These Haunted Places In 11 American Cities

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America is always in news for all kinds of good and bad reasons. It is one of the happiest and prosperous places and dominating the almost whole world. Few cities in America are so haunted that sinister incidents and stories of these cities will make you shiver.

Today we came with the list of 11 American Cities that claimed to be Haunted.


1. Washington, D.C.

Haunted Cities Washington

America’s capital Washington. D.C. is the center of various political and administrative activities but few places in Washington were spotted as haunted. Octagon House and the Cutts-Mason House are two places that are under the radar of paranormal activities While some other places include the steps where the famous movie “The Exorcist” was filmed were considered as haunted too.


2. Portland, Oregon

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Portland a city situated on the far west coast’s offers some very mysterious and spooky stories. Portland is a periodic city and that’s why many spots of the 1920s claimed to be haunted. Shanghai Tunnel’s infamous China Town is a prime example of the haunted place in Portland. Earlier it was a spot for drunkards and prostitutes but it is said that the ghost of the same prostitutes and drunkards now roam around in these tunnels. Quite scary isn’t it.


3. San Antonio, Texas

Haunted cities Texas

Whenever someone talks about haunted places in America Texas name comes on top of the list. San Antonio of Texas holds as the scariest city in all. You can find not one but several haunted hotels in San Antonio which were used for killing and other crimes throughout history.


4. Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah holds a great history of haunted and sinister incidents. Civil war is one of the prime reasons for it. Visiting over the several haunted streets a thrill but can be dangerous too. Apart from haunted stories Savannah College Of Arts and Design is also here, a place worth visiting.


5. San Francisco, California

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Although San Francisco is a famous tourist destination, Alcatraz’s famous prison where Chicago gangster Al Capone spent his last years is one of the most spooky places. Other then prison u can visit many other places which are haunted enough to take your heart out of your chest.


6. Boston, Massachusetts

Haunted Cities Boston

Nothing can beat Boston when it comes to paranormal activities. It is famous because in 1648 Margaret Jones has persecuted being a witch. witchcraft were the charges on her. Boston also had a long history of wars and bloodshed which naturally makes it mysterious every time sun goes down. Apart from wars, Boston is also a quite exciting place for travelers.


7. Charlotte, N.C.

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Charlotte’s secret is still to discover at least it’s dark ones. Cajun Queen a restaurant converted from a lady’s bedroom is one of the prime reason as people say that lady still haunts everyone across the city and barely let anyone drink. Charlotte is not just about southern charm but several haunted stories still to be discovered.


8. Chicago, Illinois

Haunted cities Chicago

Chicago, unfortunately, faced several disasters in history and Al Capone left so many unforgettable memories. Famous Chicago fire in 1871 and the Eastland disaster 1915. Excalibur Nightclub was a  hospital at that time and witnessed the tragedy as most of the victims were taken there. It still haunts people and seems souls still screaming in pain.


9. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Haunted Cities gettysburg

Gettysburg can be the only place that can haunt you in broad daylight under the blue sky. The city has inculcated so much pain of civil wars and miseries that ambiance over their make your arms sweat. If you are a history buff then it can give you an alive feeling of civil war.


10. St. Paul, Minnesota

Haunted Cities St paul

St. Paul also is a victim of gangsters and one of the weirdest places in St.Paul is Wabasha street caves often used as the place to drink. Three famous gangsters were buried there after the murder and according to locals their ghosts still roam inside these caves.


11. New Orleans, Lousiana


Many stories about paranormal activities float about this city but whether they are true or not no one knows but certainly New Orleans was a city full of violence. Jackson Square was a place for public execution dates back to the 17th century. But if you are not interested in these stories then New Orleans offers you great cuisines too.

In this way, we can say that America is full of haunted cities and it would excite someone interested in paranormal activities

History never leaves you alone these ghosts of pasts still haunting the present. Even Bollywood stars who were shooting for horror movies have faced paranormal experiences. Also, check Horror Movies That Are Based On The True Events

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