Mysterious Incidents Happened With Bollywood Stars Can Make You Breathless

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Either we believe in ghosts and paranormal activities or refuse it but we all fear from sinister. We all in our lives faced situations where we felt something mysterious incidents happened to us but we ignored it. 

Many times we want that scary thrill in our life so we watch horror movies, read ghost novels and watch shows based on paranormal activities.

These movies and shows, sometimes scare us like anything but how bone-chilling it would be to act out these characters.

Here We Are Going To Discuss Some Of the Incidents Took Place With Bollywood Celebs

Lets Us Know If It Leaves You Breathless


1. Bipasha Basu

Mysterious Bipasha

Bipasha and horror incidents cannot be separated. From the very start of her career, she faced these kinds of incidents whether it was while shooting Raaz or Gunah. At the time of Raaz, the hotel where they stayed claimed to be haunted and that hotel is close since that time. Till now Bipasha never sleeps alone after shooting horror scene.


2. Varun Dhawan

Mysterious Varun

Varun Dhawan claimed that he has heard Frank Sinatra singing while staying in a hotel in L.A. this very same hotel was the favorite one of former American singer. It seems weird but still breathtaking.


3. Saroj Khan

Mysterious Saroj

Saroj Khan while shooting in Ooty heard someone making noise with furniture on the floor above them but what is the scariest part that there was no floor above them.


4. Emraan Hashmi

Mysterious Emran

Emraan had worked in enough horror movies especially with Raaz series. One of his holidays turned out really scary one as they checked in a hotel where they hardly found any other guests, during the night he and his friends heard screams though they could not find the source the screams continued for the whole night.

The first thing they did in the morning they changed the hotel.