7 Most Addictive Drugs Of The World

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Since the very beginning of our society drugs played a very vital role. Even in our mythologies and ancient texts various types of drugs mentioned with different names. 

In our current society, some drugs are very popular and extremely addictive too. It’s hard to predict which one affects our body more and whose addiction is most dangerous.

Several types of research conducted by scientists, chemists, and pharmacologists stated that these are most addictive drugs from all.

7 Most Addictive Drugs Of The World


1. Cocaine

Addictive Drugs Cocaine

Cocaine is illegal in many countries but still, it is maximum used illegal drug. It causes high blood pressure or high heart rate. Sudden cardiac death is very common possibility after the excessive use of cocaine. Due to increase in dopamine high cravings occurs.


2. Methamphetamine

Addictive Drugs Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine imitates two chemicals in our brain dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine and norepinephrine these two chemicals create stimulation for feelings and alertness. Methamphetamine increases their production 10 times than normal rate which eventually causes a chemical imbalance in our brain. Methamphetamine is highly addictive.


3. Nicotine

Addictive Drugs Nicotine

Although Nicotine is legal in most of the countries it is one of the most addictive drug of all. Dependency rate of Nicotine is 2.82 which is quite high. Nicotine comes with a certain nature to trigger brain reward system. It increases the release of Dopamine inside the brain. Regular use of Nicotine causes reaction power towards receptors.


4. Methadone

Addictive Drugs Methadine

Methadone reacts quite similar to heroin but withdrawing the habit of this drug is very painful and tough. It almost takes a month to give up the habit of Methadone. dependency rate is around 2.62. Sometimes it is used to treat the addiction of Heroin and Morphine.


5. Crack Cocaine

Addictive Drugs Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drug of all as it comes in the purest form of cocaine. Just like Heroin, it is injected in blood with a needle. It makes our brain release the high amount of Dopamine which activates feelings and pleasure chemical reaction in our mind. Instead of injecting people snot it which affects directly our mind and causes a quick reaction.


6. Alcohol

Addictive Drugs Alochol

Alcohol more than the addictive drug it became part of the luxurious lifestyle. It activates our brain reward system which creates a false pleasure and satisfaction. Endorphin a natural painkiller of mind also increases after consuming Alcohol this is the prime reason we don’t feel pain after drinking.


7. Heroin 

Addictive Drugs Heroin

It is called as the king of narcotics and it is considered as most addictive drug of all. Heroin activates brain reward system very quickly. Regular use of Heroin stops the natural reward system and patients unable to feel anything positive without this consuming it.