Mysterious Incidents Happened With Bollywood Stars Can Make You Breathless

Mysterious Incidentsvia

5. Soha Ali Khan And Mahi Gill

Mysterious Mahi

The unexpected and totally unexplained incident took place while shooting Gang of ghosts. Both Soha and Mahi were in the lead role. Without spending any further time whole crew and cast left the place. The incident happened in Gujrat inside a Haveli. 


6. Govinda

Myserious Govinda

Govinda’s confrontation with paranormal is quite scary. While shooting in a hilly location he saw an old lady beside him during the night but after switching the light on nothing was there. Another thing which made him leave this place is he always leaves his room messy but when he came back everything was well packed as someone indicating him to leave.


7. Neil Nitin Mukesh

Mysterious Neil

While shooting 3G, one of the light men told Neil that he have seen something unusual. Initially, Neil Did not believe him but fear in his eyes finally convinced Neil to hear him.

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