10 Future Machines Which Will Change Our Lifestyle

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Today Science and Technology changed our lifestyle in such a way that we could hardly imagine 2 decades ago. In past, we have lived our lives without gadgets and machines which are on every hand today.

Technology made our lives easy in several aspects whether it is medical sciences, lifestyle or even in transportation. It not just made our lives easy but also opened several other possibilities.

Today We brought the list of 10 Future Machines Which Will Change Our Lifestyle


1. Color Rings

Future Machines color rings

Color Rings is a unique invention which will enable you to talk on the phone without using it. All you need to wear the rings on your small and thumb finger and make a gesture as if you are talking on a phone. One ring will work as a microphone while other will work as a speaker. Argentinean company BCK designed it.


2. HAPIfork

Future machines Hapi fork

HAPIfork is a smart device which helps you to improve your eating habits. It gives an indication via vibration and also lights up when you are not chewing food properly. This device is chargeable through USB cable and we can also wash it.


3. Anti-Theft Backpack

Future Machines anti theft bag

This pack has special zippers and its hidden pockets make it thief proof. It is waterproof as well and contains USB charging port with illuminating safety strips.


4. The Third Thumb

Future Machines third thumb

Third Thumb designed by Dani Clode, the alumnus of Royal College Of Arts. This device works as an extra thumb and expands our abilities as well as help those people whose limbs are not working properly. With the help of this device, one can do several activities like playing guitar picking objects e.t.c.


5. Water Walker And Spa

Future Machines water walker

Water Walker And Spa machine is a combination of treadmill and water aerobics. This combined method gives us a unique experience to lose weight and it can also be used as Spa. We can install this machine in our home and use it with several available modes.


6. Amabrush

Future Machines Amabrush

Amabrush is designed to clean our teeth in 10 seconds. It is combined with a mouthpiece, hand-piece and a toothpaste capsule. It uses the vibrating technique to clean the germs. We can connect this device to Android or iPhone to set different modes of vibration and timer. The estimated cost of Amabrush is around €90.


7. Airing Micro-CPAP

Future Machines Amabrush

This device is quite useful to those people who face breathing suspension while sleeping. It creates air pressure inside our inhalation vent which helps to give a constant and comfortable sleep. It is still under development and the estimated cost is not out yet.


8. Polarseal

Future Machines polarseal

Polarseal is kind of a sweater that heats you up within 10 seconds. It can be very useful for runners skiers and all those people who love cold weather but find it difficult. The good thing about this sweater is that its available for both man and woman. 


9. MTG Dental Camera 

Future Machines camera

MTG Dental Camera is designed to check the conditions of your teeth whether it is healthy or you need to consult your dentist. All you need to click a picture of your teeth and send it to your dentist via mobile app, specially designed for this gadget.


10. Story Levitating Timepiece

Future Machines Leviating

One of the unique clocks ever made. Unlike normal watches, it doesn’t have hands instead it has a Aluminium ball and a wooden dial. It can be set on any time Interval 12 hours, 24 hours or even 5 years. If you want to see time as u see in other watches than you can turn LED Matrix display.

If you know any more future gadgets and technologies, let us know in the comments and share the knowledge with everyone.