The Future Is Now, Technology Brings Cool Gadgets That Look Like A Thing From Future




To foresee the future, is one of the main interests of the scientists all around the world. Either it is about checking the next dull title of Dhinchak Pooja songs or the arrival of "acche din" everyone has a desire to get a sneak peek in the future.  Admittedly, the desire to see the future is just a fantasy but there are other things that look like a blessing straight from the future.  The technology is striding with a lightning fast pace and technically proves “the future is now”. Here we have a list of few gadgets that will make you feel the future now.

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Keysaa USB 3.0

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Undoubtedly, USB never seemed more interesting than now. It is the KEYSAA USB 3.0. Apart from the size the tiny USB also has other qualities to trap our awareness. It is not needed to be plugged in, just the bandwidth of the USB 3.0 catches your device from a limited distance.


1 TB SD Card

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If we look 10-12 years back the 64mb sd cards never left a chance to annoy us because of their impotence of storing 15 songs. But the future did not disappoint us as it offered us a gift from future and much more than the need. The 1 tb sd card.


Finger Reader

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Technology always focused to ease our life and this device is just like a Godsend for us. It gets really uncomfortable to look in a book continuously for few hours but the Finger Reader has made it easy. As, we have to put the finger on the text.  And, the device has to read it out loud.


Anova WIFI Precision Cooker  

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The beauty about the cooker is the technology contained by the cooker. You can control the cooker by a WiFi from a remote place.


Botwac Connected

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Cleaning is always seen as a pain in the neck, no one likes to wash the floor with a smile on his face. However, the hard part is not your job as “Botvac Connected” do that for you.  You can sit on the couch and defend your castle in clash of clans. And the robot will map the floor with laser guide and mop it before long.

Assuredly the technology brings us comfort zone but we do not have to rely too much upon it. Hence, we will not end up being sluggish and slothful.

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