Dhinchak Pooja Videos Are Removed From You Tube And This Is How It Happened

Dhinchak Pooja



God is watching. All Youtube Videos Of India’s Latest Cringe-Pop Sensation Dhinchak Pooja Has Been Deleted and Twitter Has Gone Crazy.

All those God forsaken music videos of Ms. Dhinchak Pooja with music as bad as the screeching sound of nails on blackboards and videos as terrible as Bhojpuri movies have been erased from the internet. Yes, my friend, you have read it correct and tonight you can sleep peacefully. There are no more Dhinchak Pooja songs.

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Social media is a strange place and even stranger is youtube. This free video sharing platform has given many names a chance to shine and among them one is Dhinchak Pooja.

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If you go to Dhinchak Pooja’s youtube channel you will see a total account of videos accumulating to zero. Has zero ever given you so much happiness, at least today its doing that for me.

But how did this happen? Who is this lord and saviour of humanity and music? I found the answer when I looked at a direct link of one of her videos.

Dhinchak Pooja

Yes you read that right. Our very own Kattapa, with just a slight typo.

Dhinchak PoojaRef

We knew you would save us Mama. Puns aside, some account with the user name Kathappa Singh has filed a copyright complaint against Pooja ji.

And when we say that twitter has gone crazy just look at these twitter reactions, I am ROFLing

You have seen our reactions, now I would like to see your reaction in the comment section below.

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