Bullet Train in India, Delhi To Varanasi Within 2 Hours, Coming In 2029

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No doubt, it is uncomfortable to travel in the train that moves sluggishly. The stagnant trains are incompetent to achieve a fast pace. And Bullet Train seems to be only a desire. Furthermore airway is the only way for a person saving time. This is time saving but eventually pocket burning. Now, the future seems to be bright by the arrival of most anticipated train.

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Need For Speed

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Yes, you have heard it right; the bullet train is finally arriving in India. Undoubtedly, “Bullet Train” is no strange word to anyone because of that lightning fast speed it travels. To conclude, the 10 hour journey will be shortened to 1 hour and 30 minutes. The most craving train is expected to hit the tracks of the capital till 2029.


Covering The Quadrilateral

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However, the construction of the first Indian bullet train project, Mumbai to Ahemdabad Bullet train project will start this September. And, It is expected to be completed till 2023. The Indian railway has the objective to reduce the journey time among Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Therefore, the Delhi – Kolkata sketch is ready and proposed with a bullet train project. Assuredly, the super fast train will make a save in the quality time by covering the distance of 440 km from Delhi to Varanasi in 1h 38m and 720 km from Delhi to Lucknow in 2h 37m.


No Excessive Fare

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The project has the total budget of 1.21 lakh crore , with the Delhi to Varanasi project 52,680 crore. And, the train will bound for Kolkata will cover 1474 km. The estimated speed of the train is 200-300 km/hr and the fare would be less than that of air. According to Anil Sharma, spokesperson of Indian railways, three big companies of Spain completed the study on the project. Many stations have already been purposed for the trains including greater Noida and Aligarh.

If the circumstance go smoothly and according to plan, 2029 will be the year to welcome the Bullet. Of course 2029 is too far away but somehow this development worth waiting for.

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