These 10 Fashion Hacks For Guys To Impress Any Girl In The World

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Well, some say, internal beauty is more important than external beauty. Usually, people who are in age between 16 and 25 falls for external appearance more than internal beauty. Few fashion hacks will definitely make girls fall for you. 

Most of the teenagers spend a lot of time to get dressed up to impress their college girls. If you have a date to impress or wish to up your style game, here are the few fashion hacks that will make your shopping easier.


1. Jacket + White Tees + Slim Fit Jeans

Fashion Hacks

Just wear your favorite jacket with slim-fit Jeans and your comfy white t-shirt. Pair it with a nice bag and you are ready to rock.


2. Trim Your Beard

Show off that jawline and your facial cut by trimming your beard according to your jaw structure and bring out the caveman look that women are so crazy about.


3. Those Rolled-up Sleeves

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If you have good forearm muscles then rolling your sleeves up becomes a magic spell on women. So use your secret weapon and make sure to follow the tip, the next time you give her flowers.


4. A Nice Expensive Watch

Fashion Hacks

Any person who doesn’t wear watch has definitely no time sense. The first thing I observe in boys is whether they wear a watch or not, I feel them as disciplined. So, one of the things that create a statement for women is the kind of watch you wear. Invest a little and buy yourself a classic watch.


5. Shoes Has Lot To Say

Fashion Hacks

Shoes also make a big impact on your personality. A good pair of shoe suiting your style will give a good impression of yours.

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