Kapil Sharma Visited Sunil Grover’s Home And What Happened Between Them Is Shocking

Kapil Sharma



Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover were the best things that had happened to Indian television who have given significance to comic drama. However, owing to their flight controversy; they separated and gave us real dissatisfaction. We still hope things to wind up noticeably ordinary soon.

No one anticipated that their friendship will come to a standstill even on social media platforms. Fans did their best to convince them to forget bitter things and fix up the issue.

However, they never spoke about each other negatively. It clearly means that both Sunil and Kapil shared a strong bond and it seems even they are missing it now.


During Facebook live chat, Kapil Sharma got emotional when a fan asked him when Sunil will return to the show. Kapil said that Sunil is like brother to him and he can join whenever he wants to.

Some new reports have surfaced over the internet that Kapil Sharma visited Sunil Grover’s house for sorting out things. Reports additionally say that the comic needs him back on the show, which is the reason he took the choice to visit him actually.


Now, you may wonder what happened then. Sources say that the meeting between the two didn’t turn to be that good. Reports say, it was Kapil, who messaged Sunil, and asked if he could come to his place.

Apparently, the meeting was full of awkward moments and a lot was left unsaid between the two with mostly silence prevailing. Kapil had gone in order to convince him to come back, but awkward silence didn’t pave way for discussions.They didn’t exchange any words.


Hope Kapil’s visit, changes things the other way round. So do you think we will get the chance to see Dr. Mashoor Gulati on the show at the end of the day? Share us in the comments.

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