These Immense Countries Are Crazy About Indian Films, Bollywood Fever Outside India




Bollywood never misses the chance to amaze us with movies, to conclude, Bollywood is the prime source of entertainment. And the key source to deliver a message in India. Started in the early 20th century, bollywood proliferated itself all around the Immense countries and became the global entertainer. Today we have the list of a few contraries that are crazy about bollywood movies.


1. Indonesia

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Admittedly, the craze of bollywood here is second to none also the stars have devoted followers in the country. Indonesia is also letting dubbed bollywood movies in the country because of the huge popularity.  


2. Germany

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It is the most surprising name in the list as Germany does not have that many Indian Immigrants and the bollywood is doing great business in the Immense country.


3. China


The global entertainers have won the hearts across continents of the world so no surprise bollywood is a huge name in Asia. China is one of the best places for doing show business as the fans from China played an important role in record breaking success of Dangal.


4. Pakistan


Despite that intense relation between India and Pakistan, bollywood movies won the hearts of Pakistani fans. Well, It is the magic of Salman bhai as the actor has a millions of diehard fans from this country.


5. Nigeria


Without having any India immigrant Nigeria adulates bollywood. The emergence period of bollywood 1970-80 fascinates them most.


6. Russia


The charm of bollywood has not left Russia as a stranger. Having a little number of Indian Russian fans are devoted to bollywood from 1960s.


7. Egypt


A surprising fact about Egypt is that once Egypt has banned bollywood movies just to draw the fans towards Egyptian movies. But the protest of the fans brings bollywood back to the country.


8. Afghanistan


Afghanistan in 1990's was the highest foreign grosser of Hindi movies. This show how much they love Indian Cinema. Bollywood fever here is not new, its too old. Actors like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif are most popular actors of Afghan fans.

The bollywood charm is not limited within this list, apart from it, Peru, Poland, Afghanistan and a score of other countries. In our optimistic mind we have hope that going through the success, bollywood will definitely match Hollywood someday. And, that someday is not far away.

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