Katrina Appeared In 2 Places At 1 Time! Twitteratis Trolled IIFA 2017 Hilariously.




Bollywood movie lovers eagerly wait for award functions as they get a chance to see their favorite film stars performing on the stage. It gives them joy when their favorite star gets an award.

Usually, Bollywood awards functions are not shown live on the television as it is very difficult to manage all the aspects of the show in real-time. So, to make it available for television audience to see such events after some time of their actual happening, editing is done.

Editing plays a very important part when it comes to telecasting the awards show on television, as there is a time limit and it needs to be carefully decided as to what to be included and what to chop off.

Now, you may wonder what the news here.

In IIFA 2017, the award of the best actor male was given to Shahid Kapoor for his performance in “Udta Punjab” and when this announcement was made, Katrina Kaif was standing on the stage, holding the award. At the same time, she was seen sitting beside Shahid Kapoor.

Twitteratis are so intelligent that if they find a small mistake they just rip it. This time, editors have made a blunder and given enough chance to Twitteratis to rip them apart.

Here are some of the reactions:

1. This editor deserves an Oscar


2. Distribution of 2 Katrinas

3. Promotion of Judwaa 2

4. Indian Nautanki

5. Katrina is so fast

6. Charan Sparsh Editor Ji

7. This editor got job through reservation

8. Kit Kat 😀

9. School awards gathering show

10. And the best editing award goes to

11. Don’t underestimate the power of an editor

12. Got to recall Gormint Aunty

13.BJP Bhakt


14. This is why Aamir Khan doesn’t go to awards functions

15. Magic

16. Haha 😀


Isn't it hilarious? During college days, we do it for fun. But, what about this video editor? What's your reaction to this? Share us in the comments. 

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