Eight Travelling Places In The World You Should Not Visit With Your Parents

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Will there be any person who doesn’t love travelling? Absolutely not! Some love solo travelling, some love to go with the family where as some love to go with friends. But you shouldn’t visit these places with your parents.


1. Kasol, India- The place famous for illicit drugs, narcotics, rave parties


Located in the lap of Parvati Valley, Kullu, the place is famous for illicit drugs, raves and hippie party where foreign tourists come to this place. It is pretty famous for all night hippy parties and laid back life.


2. Afghanistan- The most feared and dangerous place on earth


This is the place where activities like Murder and kidnapping happens every day. It is one of the most feared places to visit even with friends as there are many terrorist activities and with family, come on you can’t risk their lives.  


3. De Wallen in Amsterdam, Netherlands- The place full of sex


You should definitely cancel your trip to Netherlands if you are planning to go with parents. Even if you go, make sure that you won’t visit this place with your parents as the place has huge number of sex museum, sex theaters, peep shows, sex shops, number of coffee shops that sell marijuana. The place is full of drugs, Prostitutions and much other hidden mystery.



4. Acapulco, Mexico- Murders are common here


No doubt it is one of the most famous partying destinations in world. But, before you add up this place to your vacation wish list you need to know that Acapulco is the world’s second most violent place. Murders are so common here and you will hear a gunshot sound every day.


5. Ibiza, Spain-Place of sex and drugs


The place gives ecstatic party experience in terms of Sex, Drugs, Booze and more. It offers some mind blowing parties where you can’t go with your parents.


6. Rio de Janerio, Brazil- The Place with Exciting Parties


The place is famous for unforgettable exotic experiences. You will find gorgeous men, young ladies flaunting their Samba and Cachaça moves in sultry outfit. Here the ladies are dresses only in feathers and jewels and sure you will get black and blue by your parents if you visit this place with them.


7. The Walking Street In Pattaya, Thailand- The place with  high number of sex workers in the world


Going to this place with your parents will leave you nightmares. It is the busiest party hotspot which has more sex workers per square kilometer here than any other place on earth. This is the most preferred bachelorette destination with lady boy shows.


8. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA- The place with glittering show girls


The place is for those who wish to drink and dance their life away. It is popularly known for its cascading drinks, casinos, glittering show girls and wild nightlife. Think twice before you visit this place with your parents.

If any person talks the word sex itself, their parents will give black and blue and if you go to these places with parents, just imagine what happens next.

Do you know any other places where it’s not appropriate to take parents? Share us in the comments.

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