Now, Women And Children Can Use Toilets In Restaurants For Free At Any South Delhi Hotel

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In every state of India, there are no sufficient public toilets to use. Especially women face lot of problem due to this. To provide relief to women, South Delhi hotel association took a decision and it will be implemented from today onwards.

Now, in every South Delhi hotel, women and children can use toilets and washrooms for free.

This decision is supported by the restaurants association of India and the hoteliers too. Initially, they wanted to provide this facility to everybody but after a series of meetings between the corporation authorities and the representatives of the restaurants and hotels, restaurants associations agreed to allow women and children only.


You will see notice board outside the restaurants and hotels that their toilets are available for free use by women and children. In South Delhi, there are around 35,000 restaurants and hotels. This innovative decision facilitates lot many women.

Riyaaz Amlani, president of the Restaurants Association of India said: "We stand for the dignity of women. The lack of sufficient number of public toilets in marketplaces has them tolerate pain. We will allow all women and children to use our facilities."


"It is a bold decision by the civic body because all the public places have insufficient number of toilets in Delhi. It will take away the concerns women have in mind before they step out to visit marketplaces," said Sarika Agnihotry, a management professional.


"By making the announcement we have renewed our commitment for Swachh Baharat Mission. The facility will be reviewed on the basis of the feedback, concerns and practical difficulties faced by the hotels and restaurants in due course," an South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) official said.

This move by SDMC has been taken as part of its efforts to boost the Swachh Bharat campaign in its area.

Really a great effort! Hope the restaurant association of India implements this decision in other states of India too.

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