Try These Lite Apps For Android Smartphones For Low On Storage Space

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6. Twitter Lite

Twitter Go

It is one of the best Lite apps out there. It is very much the same as that of the full version of the Twitter App. It’s more or likely the same as that of the Twitter mobile website but has gone through some upgrades over the years. It has all the basic features which Twitter users ask for. Hence, it’s a great Lite app overall.


7. Google Go

Google Go

It is a more lightweight version of the original Google Search App. This app has removed some key features from the original app, like the Google Feed. The Google Go app is just a search app which directs you to the links which you are looking for. Overall, it’s not an awful app, it’s more of a faster and more lightweight app of the original app.


8. YouTube Go

YouTube Go

YouTube is all-time favorite app for Android devices. However, it gets very slow and unresponsive at times. This is an indicator that you must go to YouTube Go. It is a faster and lighter version of the original YouTube app for Android. It features some notable features such as saving videos for offline viewing. It also offers the option to view the same YouTube video at different quality levels. Hence, it’s an amazing app overall.


9. Maps Go

Maps Go

Google Maps is one of the most sought-after apps in the Android app segment. But the major problem is that it is a memory heavy app which slows down your entire Android device. Maps Go is a lite version of the same and carries features which are the same as that of the original app. You can search and navigate to any place of your choice with this app. Overall, it’s a great utility app!


10. Files Go

Files Go

At times there are chances that files get cluttered on your Android Device. Unwanted Cached files, downloaded data and old unused apps can eat up precious amounts of memory space on your phone. Files Go helps you reclaim your old space on your android device. Though it’s not a full-fledged file manager app, you can still traverse through all your old files and delete the ones. File Go to Google is a great utility app overall.

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