Try These Lite Apps For Android Smartphones For Low On Storage Space

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Lite apps are stripped down bare-bones versions of certain heavy apps such as Facebook, Skype, etc. Their features are so basic that they hardly occupy just about a megabyte of space. They operate faster than the original apps as they hardly take up any space or bandwidth.

Let us now discuss some of the top Lite Apps for Android devices running low on memory.

1. Facebook Lite

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The original Facebook application has been known to consume huge large amounts of device memory and data. Facebook Lite is a great alternative which consists of features which are best suited for Android phones in the low-end category. In comparison to the full Facebook app, the Lite version is very similar. It has features such as notifications, playback of videos and even messaging as well. All in all, it’s a great alternative!


2. Messenger Lite

messenger lite

Messenger Lite is a very simple application which allows you to view your chats in a chronological manner and of course, reply to them as well. It is very fast to use and hardly uses any mobile data to go along with it. You can share images with other users, but features such as sharing GIFs, stickers, etc. are all absent. Chat heads too are not supported on the Lite version of messenger. However, its good enough as it meets its purpose and helps you save a lot of space on your android phone.


3. Skype Lite

skype lite

The original Skype app for Android has always been known as a memory hogging unreliable app. But, it has performed well as a Lite app which allows you to make calls even in 2G network. The app allows both video and audio calling and the total space it occupies is just 13 MB. As of now, the app is currently available only in India.


4. Line Lite

line lite

Line Lite is the much leaner version of the original Line messenger app. With the help of this app, you can stay in touch with your loved ones as it can all the basic functions as that of the original full-size app. You can also use features such as chats, media previews, along with stickers. The user interface is superb as well which in turn makes it a nice app overall.


5. Opera Mini

Lite Apps

This app is the compressed version of the Original Opera browser app. Mini is a web browsing app which allows you to navigate through the internet with relative ease. It occupies very less memory space. It also boasts some super features such as offline download mode for YouTube along with the option to save entire web pages for later usage. Overall, it’s a great app for any low memory device.

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