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Cure For Dengue Finally Found, Indian Scientists Make A Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine for denguevia

First time in the World, the Medicine for Dengue has been successfully made by Indian Scientists. The Pilot study of this medicine resulted successfully on patients.


Dengue Medicine


Now before officially launching the treatment on a global standard this medicine will be put on a trial at a bigger and tougher level.  If successful, this medicine will be made available to the common patients of Dengue in every drug store by 2019. This medicine is completely Ayurvedic and has been made from 7 herbal plants.


CCRAS Scientists Took Two Years To Make The Medicine


This medicine is the result of the research study conducted by scientists of Central Counselling for Research in Ayurvedic. This research took dozens of specialists working for more than two years to come out with effective results. After the Pilot Study Trial results CCRAS has tied up with Indian Council of Medical Research to conduct clinical trials on dengue patients of Balgam and Kolar Medical College on a bigger level. These Clinical Trials will be conducted on three levels and the last and most crucial trial will be completed by September 2019 after which we can see the results.


By 2019 Medicine Will Be Available In The Market

Herbal medicine

According to the Director of Central Council for research in Ayurvedic Prof. KS Dhiman ” It’s the first time in the world that a medicinal cure has been found for dengue. The biggest part about this is that no side effects are seen from this medicine from the Pilot study of it. The clinical trials will be completed by 2019 after which the technology will be transferred to the company with due procedure who will create and bring the medicine to the market.”


2 Tablets Per Day, 7 Days Course


During the pilot study of this medicine on 90 patients, it was given to them in a liquid form whereas now during the clinical trial the medicine is given to the patients in tablets. The dosage of this treatment is said to be twice a day for 7 days and it is being said that the prices also would not be much high.

Trial on 90 Patients No Side effects. After conducting a successful study on mouse and rabbits it was taken to the patients. The patients of Gurgaon Medanta Hospital, Karnataka’s Belgam and Kolar medical colleges 30×3 patients. As a result, the white blood platelets of patients increased accordingly and there were no side effects at all seen in them.


No Cure For Dengue Till Date

According to WHO, there are 5 to 10 crore cases of dengue every year. Kids are the biggest target of Dengue and there was no medicine or cure available of dengue till now. The only cure for dengue was by giving as much liquid as they can and paracetamol for fever. But now there is a ray of hope that we can save more lives by curing dengue.

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