Ever Wondered What Would Happen If Humans Became Extinct?

The End of the worldvia

13. Wood To Ashes

Wood turn into ashes without humans

Wooden houses and furniture will completely get destructed by termites. There won’t be any wooden architecture after human disappearance as lack of maintenance would ruin everything. The only form of wood around will be the ones which are rarely out of reach but they too would decompose with time!


14. No Crossbreeds

No Crossbreeding without humans

We have comfortably crossbred plants and animal species to get exotic varieties. After human extinction, the species will go back to their old, wild, raw forms; there wouldn’t be any artificial breeding technology. Animals will be natural and healthy again. The manipulated exotic gene variety animals would either mutate to a new species or slowly the genes would die out.


15. Abundance Of Wildlife

Wildlife Conserved without humans

We have kept wildlife very restricted due to our ill activities. In our absence, the wildlife will proliferate and spread to all parts of the world. There would be an abundance of wildlife in every area. The food chain would be back and the hunting process will be back. Carnivores would feast on herbivores while herbivores would feast on the new greeneries which flourish without human interference.


16. Back To Old Levels

Global Warming reduced without humans

Human activities had increased CO2 levels drastically in the atmosphere. Within as estimate of 100,000 years of human extinction, the CO2 levels in the air will drop back to normal. The temperature will drop and the water levels would be back to normal. The air will be purer and the soil would become enriched with all the things properly decomposed.


17. More Fish In The Ocean

Abundance of fish in ocean without humans

For a very long time, we’ve been feeding on seafood, lowering the fish count in the oceans. After our disappearance, the waters will be full of fishes again. Fishes will also flourish in the pure unpolluted water and they will be healthy as before leading to more breeding and their numbers will increase vastly.


18. Re-Establishment Of Swamps

Re-Establishment Of Swamps without humans

Swamps covered large parts of the world before humans took over the reigns and cleared it up. In their absence, the swamps will reappear and cover large areas. Algae would cover those swamps and fishes and other water animals would flourish in those swamps.

It’s safe to conclude that the planet will go through a lot of changes when humans get extinct. Some of it is beneficial for the planet, and some will cause major destruction. The fact is, no one will be here to actually see it come to being true. Maybe the Earth is better off without humans, no one actually knows. If this really was your last hours on earth where will you spend your time? Well here is a list of amazing places in Australia to spend time in and enjoy nature.

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