Ever Wondered What Would Happen If Humans Became Extinct?

The End of the worldvia

Humans have taken over planet earth in a magnificent way. We have inhabited places that seemed impossible to live in. We have done manifold alterations to this planet to suit its conditions as per our convenience. Have you ever wondered what would happen to this planet if humans became extinct though? It would be a crazy chain of reactions. Humans have altered this planet so badly that the planet actually needs Human to keep things in normal day to day life going properly but nature is more powerful and it will be able to rebuild itself once the humans are left. It would be able to go back to the green and pollution free state it was except for the plastics. Plastics would take about 50 million years to decompose.


1. Darkness

Darkness without Humans

We produce power to fuel appliances to provide light in the dark. If humans go extinct, In just a few hours the world would face a power shut down. All power plants and electricity being shut down will be spreading darkness everywhere. All machines would stop functioning. The only source of light on this planet would be the sun and solar-powered machines and devices. The world would come to a halt.


2. Food Chain Interruption

Infestation Without Humans

Humans are an integral part of the food chain. There are several parasites that thrive on human existence for their survival. Body lice, head lice etc, would become extinct too, due to starvation. The food chain would be completely affected. However, the natural state would start to come back. Animals would start hunting again and grass-eating animals would flourish on the plants which grow due to low maintenance. Eventually, they will also become food for the loosely running and hunting wild animals.


3. Suffering Of Domesticated Animals

Domestic Animals Suffer Without Human

Due to our domestication of several animals, they can’t survive without human affection and care now. Thus, pet dogs, cats, puppies etc would be homeless and miserable without humans. Thus housepets and livestock would die. Some breeds of dogs would form into packs and start hunting, however, the smaller ones would either fall prey or starve to death. It would become a hunt or get hunted situation very soon.


4. Elaborate Systems Will Crash

Systems will crash without humans

Human intelligence has been capable of setting up systems to manage environmental changes. With the extinction of humans, the sewage systems, dams etc, will stop working and places will get flooded. Metro stations and subways would flood because the pumps that keep them dry are actually maintained by humans. Excessive flooding would cause fish and other water living animals to slowly move into the cities and many cities will now be underwater worlds. It would look like Atlantis!

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