You Will Not Believe That These Cities Are Going To Vanish Soon

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When you last went on vacation, amongst the enjoyment and glee, did you ever think that you might never see the place again because it will no longer exist? If that sent a chill down your spine, pack your camera and book your tickets to these 10 cities as soon as you can as scientists are saying that they have very little time left. Either due to human abandonment or natural disasters, there 10 cities will vanish soon, and only pictures will remain of them.


1. Ivanovo, Russia

Ivanovo will vanish

Ivanovo was a major textile sector in the entire USSR in the past. However, textiles have been on the decline due to lack of working population and competition from China. Younger people are migrating away in search of better livelihood, making the city soon to be abandoned.


2. Detroit, USA

Detroit will vanish

Yet another city from the USA is threatened to be lost forever. Detroit is a city that will face abandonment soon. In fact, 1/4th of the city has already been abandoned. This is mostly due to the decline in car production industries, what Detroit specialized in.


3. San Francisco, USA

Cities Vanish San Francisco

San Francisco, bustling with life is under constant threat of earthquakes. A probability of a 7 or greater magnitude earthquake might strike the city as soon as 2026. Who would know the seismic plates pose such a great danger to one of the most prominent cities in the USA!


4. Venice, Italy

venice italy

It may come as a shock that beautiful Venice might vanish for all eternity. Due to rising water levels in its canals, Venice will drown in a few years. A government has been set in place to protect Venice, however, it might not work because of corrupt politicians distributing funds among themselves.


5. Timbuktu, Mali

Timbuktu will vanish

As opposed to several threatened to sink in water, Timbuktu might sink in the sand – which isn’t any better! Several parts of Timbuktu has already undergone desertification despite several plans by the government to bring greenery back into the region.

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