These Accidents Are Absolutely Shocking Which Caught On Camera- No. 7 Might Happen To Anyone


There has been a history of terrible accidents in the world either due to inevitable situations or human error. Some of the most shocking ones have been recorded on camera for the population to see. Here is a list of such deadly accidents.


1. Boat Tipping

Boat tipping accidents

In March 2014, a 21-foot boat was capsized by an 80-foot-long blue whale. This incident took place in California. San Diego is famous for its whale watching experience. Two people were videotaping while whale watching and suddenly an enormous whale caused the boat to flip. Luckily, a boat nearby rescued the two watchers from the incident.


2. Car In The Air

Car flying in air accidents

On July 29th, 2016, in Florida, a local surveillance camera captured a car going airborne and sliding on a sidewalk. There were no pedestrians, hence no one got injured. The firefighters put off the fire and flipped the car over to rescue the driver who was heavily injured. Miraculously, he survived after hospitalization.


3. Collision Of A Truck And Train

Train and truck collision accidents

On March 9, 2017, this shocking incident took place in Chile. A truck was slowly passing through the railway tracks when a fast-moving train smashed the truck into pieces. The driver of the truck died on spot along with a train attendant losing his life. The investigation for this case is underway.


4. Pokemon GO Crash

Car crash accidents

A man recklessly hit a patrol car while being distracted by a game called Pokemon GO. Luckily, he suffered only with a few injuries but was fined heavily for rash driving and his stupidity.

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