Daughter Became Matchmaker For Widowed Mother To Find Love Again


Most of the people in our country already started talking sarcastically about Dharma and disrespecting Vedas. After Britisher’s invasion, Portuguese invasion and Mughals rule in India for several years in the past, our country lost the real education.

The result of this is sexual harassment, dowry harassment on women, disrespecting them, no punishment for culprits, living indiscipline life like throwing garbage and spitting on roads etc.

Our history says about child marriages where a young girl is married to older man and the girl becomes widow at the age of 16 or even before she turns 20. And a scholar like Kandukuri Veeresalingam Pantulu stood strongly for several social causes like widow remarriages and abolition of child marriages. He fought against dowry system, encouraged women education and succeeded in bringing change.

Now, there is a girl, Sanhita Agarwal who lost her father, 52 and made her widowed mother to marry again.

Yes. You read it right.

Every person is afraid of death and it is not easy to recover if we lose our loved ones at the old age. At this situation, the universe gives two chances to the person; one is walking in the path of spirituality, realizing oneself and attain salvation, the second one is finding another love and move on with life.

The choice is always “yours”.

Sanhita Agarwal couldn’t see her widowed mother crying.


She said, “Time heals all wounds, but even six months later, the pain only seemed to get worse. I could see my mom crying in front of his photograph and asking god why he took him away from her. I remember her shouting his name in sleep and waking up all of a sudden asking me – “ Papa kaha hai? Where is Dad? ” I used to tell her to go back to sleep”.

Children are the only hope for parents. Parents, especially at the older age, forget all their problems if they are with their children. They feel very sad and alone if there is no one to share their feelings. The same happened with Sanhita’s mother too.

When Sanhita moved to another city for a job, her mother was now alone at home, since her elder sister was married.  Sanhita tried to make it back home on the weekends but could sense that her mother was miserable.

After three months, Sanhita decided to find her mother a partner. She played a matchmaker role by creating a profile for her mother on a popular matrimonial website with pictures and her life’s story.

She wanted to find someone who could understand what her mother was going through, and with whom her mother could share her joys and sorrows for the rest of her life.


And when her mother opposed the idea of getting remarried in 50s, Sanhita said to her mother in a convincing tone:

“Every person on this earth has a right to live their life their own way without giving a damn to this society because this society won’t come and talk to you when you’ll be alone at the age of 80. Most of your family members would ignore your calls when you’ll be be sick and need help. Only a life partner would do that for you and you would do that for him because no matter how much the children try to help you, you ultimately need a soulmate to share anything and everything. You totally deserve it, mom. It wasn’t your fault if dad had to go, but it’ll be your fault now to not give another chance to yourself. Please think.”

She shared her story on Quora and received a lot of appreciation from the Internet for doing what she did for her mother.


Sanhita has done all this only to see her mother happy.


She said, “The motive behind sharing this very personal story is to request every person out there who is living away from parents to take a moment out of your busy life and see if your parents aren’t too alone. They’ll never tell you if they’re sad or sick, need your help or anything else because all they know is to take care of their children first, but it’s our responsibility too to see if they’re happy or not”.

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