These Accidents Are Absolutely Shocking Which Caught On Camera- No. 7 Might Happen To Anyone


9. Deaths In A Wedding Celebration

Accidents during Wedding ceremony

On May 24th, 2001, while people had collected for a wedding celebration in Jerusalem, a portion of the third floor collapsed, crushing almost 23 people under it. The shocking incident was captured on the wedding camera.


10. Paul Walker Car Crash

Paul walker car crash accident

Paul Walker is a famous actor starring in the movie series called Fast and Furious. He died on spot in an insane car crash. The incident was caught on a security cam nearby.


11. The Airshow Disaster

jet carsh air show accidents

Many accidents occur during independence day air shows. On August 28, 1999, 3 Lakh people went to watch the Ramstein Airshow in Germany. There were mid-air collisions of jets which killed 67 spectators and 3 pilots. The collision resulted in a fire which left 346 people severely injured.


12. Fire In The Nightclub

accidents light nightclub on fire

On February 20th, 2003, among other accidents, there was a major fire accident that happened in a nightclub in the Rhode Island. The small fire which occurred while a popular band called The Station were performing, engulfed 100 people.

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