These Accidents Are Absolutely Shocking Which Caught On Camera- No. 7 Might Happen To Anyone


13. Beware Of The Escalators

Accidents on the escalator

At a local mall in St Louis County, Missouri; a 12-year-old girl called Alexis Dixon fell off an escalator while playing around it. Luckily, she wasn’t much hurt; thanks to Mark Maloy being there to catch her before she injured herself. The security cams have clippings of her hanging off the hand railing and losing her grip. Had she not been rescued, she would’ve suffered heavy injuries or even death.


14. Explosive Plane Crash

Plane crash accidents

In February 2017, due to a chartered plane crash into a factory outlet in America; four American golfers and their pilot died. The plane was descending towards the runway when it clipped part of the outlet. The crash resulted in a massive explosion, destroying all the surrounding area. Accidents such as these are truly shocking.


15. Narrow Escape

Train Station accidents

In February 2017, a 3year old girl in China fell in the gap between the platform and the train. The train was active and the parents struggled to pull her out before the train could move. A railway executive there made sure the train didn’t move until the girl was safe outside. It was indeed a nightmare to all spectators standing there. Most accidents in stations occur in such manner.


16. Crash In The Snow

Car crash in snow accidents

In February 2017, a stolen car crashed into a public bus full of passengers. It was a snowy night and the visibility was low. As per the clips from the bus security cams, the driver flee in another stolen car and the passengers in the bus were injured due to the sudden jerk


17. Helicopter Explosion

Helicopter accidents

On 14 March 2017, four people went on a helicopter in California, to retrieve the body of a missing girl who had died. While flying, the helicopter got caught in electrical power lines and exploded into pieces. All four rescue workers died. The terrible incident was captured on cameras of news crews.

Sometimes, truly terrifying events are caught right on camera, and the others, right before our very eyes. These 12 incidents are certainly not to be viewed by the faint-hearted. Tell us which one shocked you the most. All these happened either due to mechanical or human error. The casualties minimal in most cases. Speaking of human errors, check out how North Korea hit one of its own cities with a ballistic missile.

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