Follow These Golden Tips For Wearing A Suit To Rock Your Next Party!

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“With a suit, Even if you’re having a nervous breakdown, you still look like you’re in charge”.  A man in a suit is far sexier for a woman than a man with abs but only if enough attention is paid to it by men as compared to abs. Just wearing the suite doesn’t make you the king it takes much more than wearing it. It is all about attention to intricate details. The one thing which guarantees instant attention is a suit and it is fitting. Adopt the following pointers and become the king.


1. The Last Button Should Stay Open

Suit 1

The last button of your suit is an ornament and ornaments need to be flaunted so it should stay open.


2. Look Relaxed, Unfasten Your Button While Sitting

Suit Tip 2

While sitting you should feel relaxed and therefore unfasten your button or look like being punished.


3. Look Neat, Fasten The Top Button

Suit Tip 3

Fasten the top button but don’t end up choking yourself.


4. For A Dark Suit Choose A Fair Pocket Square

Suit Tip 4

Pocket Square should be well ironed and always chosen in contrast with suit color.

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