Follow These Golden Tips For Wearing A Suit To Rock Your Next Party!

How to wear a suit bettervia

25. Leaving The Last Button Open Rule Applies To The Vest Too

Suit Tip 25

Rules are same everywhere.


26. Zipper Should Get Covered By Jacket

Suit Tip 26

If not then the view might not be pleasant.


27. If You Sweat Too Much Wear Something Under Your Shirt

Suit Tip 27

Remember to hide it too. Wear deodorant and make yourself more presentable!

So now you know how to become a pro in wearing suits. Just keep in mind all these tips and you can become the king. Trying to avoid fashion mistakes and follow these fashion tips and girls will definitely going to get impressed from you? Well, read about these common fashion mistakes which Indians make! Make sure you are not on the list.

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