This Guy Probably Has The Best Parking Skills In The World, Check Video

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Everyone will have the desire to buy a house and car. When that comes to reality, it is not enough if you have just car and know some kind of driving, but it’s important how well you are maintaining a car. Do you feel you have best parking skills? And that itself speaks a lot about you.


Now you are surprised, right?

Maintaining car doesn’t mean cleaning your car every day. How you are parking it in parking areas says how disciplined you are. Some people won’t even follow parking rules, whereas some park their vehicle zigzag on the roads that cause disturbance to others.

And I leave to your imagination about their discipline levels.

Now, you may be wondering if this a parking class?

No…I want to introduce a person who is a gem in car parking. He could park the car in the tightest of spaces through parallel parking.


He is Mr. Chen from the city of JinJiang in China’s Fujian Province. Social media has given provision to everyone to share anything with the world. And people took the pictures of his car which was parked in a tight space.

Have a look…

Parking Skills

When he got to know that his parking exploits gaining popularity, he decided to give some folks a demonstration.

And it is really awesome! Check out the video of how he parked the car and it is really amazing.

By the way, do you park your vehicle in the parking area or in a zigzag manner? Did you also try anything innovative in parking? Do share us in the comments and we love to hear from you.  7 famous celebrities who bought the costliest cars.

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