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These Women Suggest You The Best Way To Breakup With Your Girlfriend

Talk, Scream Or Fight, Just Don't Keep It Inside


Being in the relationship doesn’t work for everyone. A lot of times they have to call their relationship off. However, the breakup can be mental punishment for many. Therefore, to avoid the mental torture after the breakup, these women have suggested the men the best way to break up with your girlfriend. Let’s check what they say.


1. Once You Have Leaped Never Step Back


Once you decide to break up, don’t go to-and-fro. That’s no fun. Usually, men who are completely ghosting because they don’t want to be with you, come back because they haven’t found anyone better. Yeah, don’t do that. Make up your mind once and for all and leave it be. – Parul, Lawyer


2. Don’t Friend-Zone Her


Saying “let’s just be friends” is the worst thing to hear when you’re being dumped. Works both ways doesn’t it? If a guy is being dumped he’d hate to hear the same! I once got dumped by this guy who said: “oh let’s just be friends because you’re a NICE person”! And then he kept insisting till I had to block him out! Terrible idea! – Kavya, Graphic Designer


3. Clear All The Matters And Remember The Reason Why You Are Breaking Up


My ex and I went for a breakup coffee, clicked a selfie and didn’t speak to each other for three years, after. The break up should be a good conversation between two people and clean closure. The closure is very important. You have given your reasons as to why you’re breaking up, very clearly. It helps the other person move on. – Prachi, Writer.

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