Ever Wondered What Would Happen If Humans Became Extinct?

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9. Sand Cities Will Get Submerged

Desert Cities Will Submerge without humans

Human capabilities are phenomenal. We turned barren deserts like Dubai and Abu Dabi into star-studded cities. Without humans, there would be zero maintenance and the sand will engulf the cities in a few years. Without maintenance, the massive structures would fall and soon everything will be nothing but sand again.


10. No Endangered Species

No Endangered Species without humans

Due to human activity, the list of endangered species was long. After the human disappearance, the animals would have nothing to harm them. They’ll proliferate and recover in number at quite a fast pace. All species would flourish. Hunting of animals will be back and the food chain will be restored. A balance in the ecosystem would be restored and the animals will function accordingly maintaining the so-called eco-balance which we all have studied in primary school.


11. Satellite Shower

Satellite Shower without humans

Human inventions like satellites orbiting in the space will crash within a year of human extinction due to poor management and maintenance. They would all fall from their orbit. As they are unmanned, as they run out proper guidance, monitoring and fuel or power, they would come crashing into the surface. Though they will fall down only as debris as the heat caused due to velocity will burn off most of the parts, we can still expect a few debris to crash land.


12. Greenery Everywhere

Greenery Everywhere without humans

Humans have done deforestation for several purposes, due to which the green cover of the planet is very limited. After extinction, there would be a wild growth of vegetation everywhere, thus an increase in the green area. Greenhouse gas would reduce and the temperature of the environment would drop considerably and nature will heal and restore the environment humans destroyed.

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