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Check Your Definitive Guide To Take Care Of Newborn Baby

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“Pregnancy is like preparing for nine months, to fall in love for a lifetime.”

Bringing a life into the world is an experience of pure joy. It is after this that your real journey as a mother begins with your little angel. But, we know that along with joy, you also feel jittery. You want to nurture your baby in the best way and want absolutely nothing to go wrong.

To help you enjoy this beautiful phase with your newborn baby in a stress-free manner, we’ve created a guide for you. Have a look!



Newborn Baby

Feeding on time is essential. So, feed your baby every two to three hours. Hold your breast near the baby’s mouth so that it can latch on to it and start sucking. Nurse it for about 10 to 15 minutes. And post this, your breast should feel less full.

For the first six months, feed your infant only breast milk as it helps in growth and survival. And if you’re unable to breastfeed, then use a doctor recommended formula. About 60 to 90 ml of the formula must be given to the baby per feed.

Also, after the feed, the baby is to be burped for digestion and to prevent spit-ups. So, gently hold the little one against your chest, and stroke on the back until burps.


Holding Your Baby, The Right Way

Newborn Baby

A newborn is fragile. Also, it’s spinal cord and neck muscles are still developing, and therefore, they need proper support. So, always use one hand to support the head and neck. It takes about three months for the neck to support the head on its own fully.

Moreover, convey the same to all people who come to see your little bundle of joy. Also, make the baby lie on the tummy for a while every day. This will make the neck and back muscles stronger.



Newborn Baby

If your baby is consuming enough breast milk or formula, then they will wet about 8 to 10 diapers in a day along with bowel movements. Change it as soon as it feels full. For this, you will require a sheet, diaper wipes, rash creams, powder, and fresh diapers.

Also, let your baby remain diaper-free each day for some time, to allow the skin to breathe. Moreover, to reduce the chances of UTI or any other infection, wipe the baby from front to back, and not the other way. You can also check the best overnight diapers for the baby.


Taking Care Of Umbilical Cord Stump

Newborn Baby

Taking proper care of the umbilical cord stump in the first month is vital. Firstly, instead of giving your little one a proper bath, sponge with lukewarm water in the initial two weeks. Try to keep the navel area clean and dry. And when you’re cleaning, use a damp cloth and then dry it with an absorbent.

Also, always use a disinfectant when handling the cord stump. If you find signs of infection like redness, swelling, smelly discharge or pus, see a pediatrician immediately.


Massaging And Bathing

Newborn Baby

Though both these are delicate tasks, still they are an excellent way to bond with your baby.

Massaging helps improve blood circulation and digestion. For this, just spread some oil on your hand and gently rub it over your munchkin’s body. A good time for massaging is before bath.

When it comes to bathing, twice or thrice a week is advisable, after the cord stumps dry off. For this, you will need an infant bathtub, mild baby soap or wash, soft baby towel, baby cream, fresh diaper, and baby clothes.

Clean the genitals, neck, head, and face of the child properly. However, use soap sparingly, especially around the eyes. Also, bathing the baby before bedtime helps in sound sleep.



Newborn Baby

Infants in the first two months, sleep for about 14-16 hours a day. Their nap varies between two to four hours at a time, and they wake up when hungry or wet. However, you may wake the baby up in between as it needs to be fed every three hours.

Also, keep changing the baby’s head position while sleeping to prevent the formation of flat spots. Moreover, to avoid suffocation put your little one to sleep on its back. Also, don’t worry in case your newborn baby does not follow the ideal sleeping pattern, as it may vary.


Playing With Your Baby

Newborn Baby

Your newborn baby may be delicate, but we know you can’t resist playing with your little bundle of joy. So, bear in mind certain things while having a good time. For instance, don’t shake the baby or throw in the air too hard, as the developing internal organs may get damaged.

Always ensure that the baby is fastened properly in a stroller or baby carrier when going out. Don’t put unhygienic toys near the baby as they carry many germs. Moreover, whenever anyone plays with or touches the child, ensure that their hands are properly disinfected.


Trimming Nails

Newborn Baby

An infant’s nails grow quickly. So, to ensure they don’t scratch or hurt themselves, you should trim their nails periodically. You can use baby nail clippers for their tender nails.

However, don’t trim too deeply as it may cause them pain. Also, cut the nails probably when the baby is asleep.


All Set For Baby Care?

So, as you celebrate your little one’s arrival, we hope you now also feel more confident when it comes to caring. We’re sure you’ll soon become a pro at all the things we mentioned above. However, for more such support, you can check out digital platforms like Momspresso. Such platforms have a great collection of ideas and suggestions on pregnancy, child care, and all.

So, we wish you and your little one happy, love-filled days ahead!

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