F-16 Vs MIG-21: Check Why Everyone Is Shocked After Abhinandan Varthaman’s Bravery

Also Check Why America Warned Pakistan

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Recently, The Indian Air Force wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman made headlines when he took down an F-16 fighter jet with his MIG-21 Bison. However, the IAF wing commander got his fighter jet destroyed in the process before getting captured by the Pakistani Army in the POK region. Within a couple of days, the Pakistani government decided to release the Indian IAF wing commander stating it as a gesture of peace.


The Topic That Caused Debates

F-16 VS MIG-21

This whole incident made headlines and everyone was by the aftermath. However, this also raised a topic of debates among the most powerful country that possesses super destructive arms. Everyone is surprised and curious to know how the ’70s designed MIG-21 Bison can take out a technically sound F-16. If you are unaware of the technical differences between the fighter jets, today we have brought you some key differences which proves why this incident is ultra shocking.


MIG-21 Bison

F-16 VS MIG-21

The MIG-21 is equipped with old technology and it is based on 1970’s designs. MIG-21 has a top speed of 2230 KMPH, The 14.3-meter long jet weighs 5846 KG and it possesses the attacking range of 1470 meter. Made in Russia, the fighter jet first came to service back in 1972. Furthermore, the model was upgraded in 2006 to add extra ballistic missile in it.


F-16 Fighting Falcon

F-16 VS MIG-21

On the other hand, the F-16 is considered as one of the most advanced and super destructive fighter jets. It is 15.06 M long and weighs 8570 KG. The fourth generation fighter plane is designed by America and it can achieve the top speed of 2170 KMPH. The supersonic multirole fighter jet possesses air to air and air to ground ballistic missiles.


America Warned Pakistan

F-16 VS MIG-21

After seeing its super advanced fighter jet getting destroyed by MIG-21, America has warned Pakistan about the use of F-16. Pakistan and America came to the agreement back when America handed F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, according to which, Pakistan had to tell America before launching an attack on any country.

Destroying one of the best fighter jets with an old timer is surely an act of bravery by IAF wing commander Abhijit Varthaman. What do you say? Tell us in the comments.

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