Survey Shows Why Dog Owners Hesitate To Let Them Inside Their Cars

Also Check What You Should Consider If You Are A Dog Owner And Buying A New Car


Having a dog can affect your life significantly. The men’s best friends are the most loyal creature known on the earth. Furthermore, dogs are even considered a family. However, carrying your dog in your car has its harm too, or not. According to a survey conducted by All Car Leasing, it is found out that 21% of the dog owners do not allow their dogs inside their car.

Homeward Hound - Dog Owners And Their CarsHomeward Hound byAll Car Leasing


Why A Lot Of Dog Owners Do Not Let Their Dog Inside Their Cars

Dog Owner Survey

Now you must be thinking about why they have formed a prejudice for our furry friends, well, 36% of the mentioned 21% dog owners think that the dogs spread a lot of hairs inside their cars and this is something they cannot allow. Apart from that 28% of the 21% blamed the dog smell that makes them disallow the dogs inside their cars.


The Best Place For Your Dogs Inside The Cars

Dog Owner Survey

The objective of the survey is not about spreading melancholy against the dogs, so let us talk about 79% of dog owners who allow their dogs inside their cars. They told that if they have a small dog, the front passenger seat is the best place for them. While the bigger dogs are kept on the rear passenger seat of the boot.


Things They Consider While Buying A New Car

Dog Owners Survey

The surprising fact is that 61% of the 79% of people consider their dogs when they are buying a car. We should mark the safety checks when driving with our dogs because it can be risky and a road is a place where the risks can be fatal. 1 out of 3 dog owners had admitted that they have driven without securing their dogs. Next time you take your dog on a long ride, make sure to secure that fellow.

Well, this one is sweet. It does not look like if there is any considerable reason that prevents your dog’s entry inside your car. What do you say? Tell us in the comments.

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