Tricky False Packaging For Products To Fool Customers – Beware, You Might Fall Too!

Some Deceiving Product Packagingvia

17. Sorry, We Hired A Liar To Bake


Baking is an art but hey chocolate is expensive. So they put only a little of it. OH wait, that little was so little that you cannot even see it.


18. What Kind Of A Joke Is This?

Lays Fraud

Who said size doesn’t matter? The bigger the better. But, Lays has a different sense of scale I guess. They marketing a smaller product to be bigger but in¬†reality, it is smaller than their existing product!


19. Good And Bad Are The Two Sides Of The Same Coin


I like how they use the wrapping perfectly to fit the chocolate inside though it is completely different from figure being displayed. If only they put this brilliant mind to serve people better without cheating, good things would have happened!


20. A Perfect Cut To Share

Half Sandwich

The packaging looks very elite and professional but does not let looks fool you because if you open the wrappers, you can see this kind of treachery happening!

So there you go, guys. These were just a sample of the kind of misleading packaging you can absolutely laugh at. Honestly, every single one of them made me think, “Damn, what did they actually think when they did this?” but hey jokes apart and let us all pray in silence for the people who bought these products. Not all marketing efforts are a lie. Here are a few advertisements which brought in huge impacts on the market!

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