Tricky False Packaging For Products To Fool Customers – Beware, You Might Fall Too!

Some Deceiving Product Packagingvia

13. Ideal For A Chocolate Lover With A Tinge Of Raisins


Not a big fan of raisins? Well, this chocolate is your best bet. It says it comes with raisins but actually, it doesn’t. Cleverly packed, this chocolate is one hell of a misleading disappointment for chocolate lovers.


14. The Result Of Eating

Restaurant Order

You sure you served the right order? cause it looks like the curd is stale with some weird topping on it. This happens usually when they take pictures from online. Build up a hope and then disappoint with nothing.


15. Diet Wrap Because It’s Fewer Calories


Tortillas contain fat. This chef thought he was making people healthy by serving nothing in the tortilla. You can see that the chef has put literally zero efforts to make it look like the product being advertised.


16. Size Matters

Small Size Football

As the young generation is more obsessed with smartphones etc, We provide them a perfect play toy but it comes in small size. False marketing on point again!

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