Tricky False Packaging For Products To Fool Customers – Beware, You Might Fall Too!

Some Deceiving Product Packagingvia

Every day, millions of products are being sold online and not every one of them is unique! Some are made just for money sake and they cheat people with sly tricks. Some of these products are bought just because the packaging looks eye-popping and attractive. But looks can be deceiving. Take a look at some awfully packed products which tricked the customers into buying the product which they later regretted.


1. So Much Space For Relief


Remember how happy we buy a fancy lotion with a huge price? But how heartbreaking is this? Seems more like a film with a good storyline and a messed up the climax.


2. Morello, I Want “More” Ello


Chocolates are like a girl’s best friend like wanna make it up to her? buy her chocolates. Wanna propose her? buy her chocolates. Wanna bribe your girl bestie into writing your record? Buy her chocolate. But hey isn’t this chocolate a big disappointment itself? Morello, I want more chocolates, please.


3. You’re Clearly Confusing

This is like telling someone their outfit is ugly but they look pretty, I mean what are you trying to say bruh? Do you want me to buy your product or not?


4. Seedless? Or Brainless?

Seedless Watermelon

They told eating a watermelon is fun, they said to try it out. But what did I actually sign up for? After reading labels like this, I feel like our entire life was a lie.

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