Tricky False Packaging For Products To Fool Customers – Beware, You Might Fall Too!

Some Deceiving Product Packagingvia

5. I Was Not Ready


Common guys, it’s a Chinese product what else can we expect? Two mins silence to everyone who bought this.


6. Cheese? Yes, Please!

Cheese Burger

Cheese is major fat. And this person goes like ” Do you want cheese?”, “Yes, please” and he says, “No, I was just trying to be nice you look like you don’t deserve it”.


7. Kill Them With Kindness


Raisins and cranberries are only for children, not for diabetes patients. Well, you can definitely give this to someone you don’t like.


8. Only Pepperoni?  Too Mainstream


Well, I like the idea of a surprise but you don’t do it on my pizza. But thanks, it’s too mainstream to eat a full pizza with a single flavor. It’s like a bonus, let me know if I would get a pizza free? Surprise me.

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