Tricky False Packaging For Products To Fool Customers – Beware, You Might Fall Too!

Some Deceiving Product Packagingvia

9. Drunk Description Of A Drink

Printing Mistakes

If anyone ever had the habit of reading the nutrition table and if they actually notice this, they would know this fellow was drunk when he printed the entire product line.


10. Betrayal


Kellogg’s? Are you serious? How could you cheat on me like this? You were loyal when I bought the classic flavor, I want the old you back. Looking at this hurt.


11. Invisible Letters Behind The Brownie

Star Wars Toaster

Let’s all give slow claps to the one who actually believed this would work and bought this. Like, did you really think this was gonna work?


12. Made In China


Heard of Chinese products that work for a year? Most Chinese products feel like original but they are not. Similarly, they have tried to fool people with this tricky veg sandwich! People put in so much effort to fool others.

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