This Job Ad For A Graphic Designer Is Hilarious But Very Impressive

Graphic Designervia

Gone are those days where people have to roam on roads for jobs. Social media made the job searching process easier. And we see innovative resumes that people come up with. But this time, city of Los Angeles came up with a hilarious but impressive job advertisement for Graphic Designer which is creating buzz on Twitter.

The use of colours and the several boxes drawn resembles the doodles kids used to do in MS Paint.

“The city of Los Angeles is now hiring Graphics Designer,” read the ad, and details about the job and the salary are also provided with it.

And can you guess what the font?

Yes, it is Comic Sans.

1. Well done!

2. The happy frog

3. I gotta say, it’s really awesome

4. !@?

5. Haha, that’s something!

6. Magnum opus

7. Portfolio

8. Master piece

9. That is called serious resume preparation!

10. Word art lover

I feel this is just simple and great. What do you think of the ad? Share us in the comments. 10 of the most dangerous jobs in the world, would you do any of these jobs.

Pavani Bharathula
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