2024 Election Result Scenario Explained: How Narendra Modi Can Still Become PM For Third Time Even If Nitish-Naidu Leave NDA

Narendra Modi Become PM If Nitish And Naidu Leave NDA

As the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections results roll in, the political drama strengthens. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is set for a third term with 293 seats, however, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) missed the mark concerning the 272-seat majority, getting just 240 seats. This means PM Modi’s third term hinges on the support of Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar, whose combined 28 seats are critical for the NDA.


Naidu’s Game Changing Victory

Chandrababu Naidu

Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party (TDP) arose triumphant in Andhra Pradesh, winning 16 of the 25 Lok Sabha seats and 135 of the 175 assembly seats. Naidu, presently a significant figure in Modi’s potential cabinet, needn’t bother with BJP’s support to form the state government. Speculations is overflowing that he could demand the removal of Union Home Minister Amit Shah from the Modi 3.0 cabinet. Therefore utilizing his newly discovered political capital. Naidu’s return to the NDA in 2024, after a break since 2018, has paid off terrifically, making him a kingmaker in New Delhi.


Nitish Kumar’s Power Play

Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar, the political stalwart of Bihar, has consistently lined up with the winning side. Also during the 2014 Modi wave. With his Janata Dal (United) getting 12 Lok Sabha seats, Nitish winds up in a place of strength. Reports recommend he could want the Deputy Prime Minister’s post or a significant cabinet berth. On the other hand, he could look for confirmation for a continuous tenure as Bihar’s Chief Minister until 2025. Nitish’s strategic switch from the Congress-RJD alliance to the NDA in January has put him in a prime spot to negotiate his demands.


The Major Ask

PM Narendra Modi

Both Naidu and Nitish are supposed to attend the forthcoming NDA meeting in New Delhi. What is not yet clear is how their demands will shape Modi 3.0. Will they ask for cabinet positions or the removal of influential ministers? Their demands could essentially change the political scene, forcing PM Narendra Modi to rethink his methodologies. In the high-stakes world of Indian Politics, Naidu and Nitish are the kingmakers. Their best courses of action will be crucial for the fate of the NDA and Narendra Modi’s third term as Prime Minister. Therefore remain tuned for additional reports on this political thrill ride!

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