Now, You Can Go For Food Shopping In This FLYING Bathtub

Flying Bathtubvia

Did you ever dream of flying in the air just like a bird? And of course we do.  But we compromise ourselves with flight and sky diving. Isn’t it so? But aviation technology has come a long way now with “flying bathtub”

It’s a brain child of Johannes and Philipp Mickenbecker, who used the drone technology in a bathtub.

They spent two months sourcing the components for the project.

Flying Bathtub

According to media reports, the German government was also involved as it had to grant permission for the project which was only allowed as it was taking place at a height of under 100 feet.

As a part of this project, they first flew the bathtub to take a person from one spot to another so that he could grab a quick sandwich.

The crew behind the YouTube channel named as ‘The Real Life Guys’ created a working drone from a bathtub. They recently shared a video that went viral on social media. The following video shows the reach of the bathtub drone. It has a pilot who uses it to drop by his favorite bakery for a quick snack.

Now you are thinking to have one flying bathtub for daily shopping purposes right? What do you think of this innovative flying bathtub drone? Share us in the comments. The future is now, technology brings cool gadgets that look like a thing from future.

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