Beware Of These Dangerous Cities While Planning For Trip

Dangerous CitiesDangerous Cities


Every country has different states and each state is unique in its own way. It is always good to know well before going to any place just to safeguard ourselves. As some places are too dangerous that your wallet may get stolen or get food poisoning in any city. Today we bring out some popular places where you should be extremely careful while visiting.

1. Cairo, Egypt – Very dangerous for women


Cairo is a legendary city but it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world for women. You will find political situations too very dangerous as there will be conflicts especially in this area. And here comes the main thing. Let’s say, to mount a camel, you need to pay $5, then to dismount, you should pay $50.


2. Barcelona, Spain – Place for pickpockets


You will find thousands of skillful pickpockets. And the thefts happen on the main street of the city: La Rambla. Whether it is stealing your money or your stuff on the beach or in public transport and it could be anywhere. Just be careful when you visit this place.


3. Johannesburg, South Africa – The place where white people are harassed


30 years ago, white population discriminated against black people. Now it’s the other way around. In Johannesburg, white people are harassed. If you are white, better travel by car or taxi because people will stare at you in the streets. 



4. Dubai, UAE – Woman should follow dress code to avoid getting harassed


If you are a woman, you should maintain dress code to avoid being stared at or even sexually harassed. Make sure your legs and arms are covered. You can relax when you are within your hotel territory but not on roads.


5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Some people will be ready to attack with knives


Santa Teresa is very dangerous that if you show your phone or your camera, then you may get attacked with knives. Better don’t walk in downtown Rio at night and don’t go to the favelas (famous Brazilian slums).


6. Mumbai, India – Crowd of beggars


Some people pretend to be yogis to steal something. And the real yogi never asks or takes anything from others as he is always in a happy state. So, you can get the difference very easily. Moreover, you will find very hot weather and a dirty environment.


7. Tijuana, Mexico – Transit point for drug dealers and fugitives


As the city is located on the border of the US and Mexico, people from the US who want to have a truly Mexican weekend comes here. There is not much to see here. Lot of fugitives from the US and drug dealers will be in this place. Better avoid.


8. Paris, France – Place for pickpockets


You will find lot of pickpockets, beggars and really pushy street vendors who try to sell you something that you don’t need for a very high price. Just don’t talk to them and move on.


9. Naples, Italy – Again the place for pickpockets


Many people come on bikes and grab your bag or your camera just like that. Even the local businessmen are very tricky. They start washing your car and then ask you for money. And it is dirty place too.

No country or no place is completely safe to live in. Some humans with sadistic behaviour destroyed the peace and turned places to a horrible condition. We always should be careful by following some safety rules.

If you feel any other cities to be added to this list, then share us in the comments. Here are the 8 travelling places in the world you should not visit with your parents.

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