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The people who live in metropolitan cities only know what the traffic problem is. Spending huge amount of time only in travelling everyday and getting stuck in traffic jam is really irritating.

Instead of 3 hours, if we can spend just 13 minutes of travelling everyday to reach destination, won’t that be nice?

Even to imagine, it feels amazing right?

But, it is going to be happened soon.

Yes, you read it right.

When there is a huge progress in technology, nothing can be impossible.


In order to assess the chances of implementing hyperloop transportation system between Mumbai and Pune, the Maharashtra government has entered into partnership with Virgin Hyperloop. And a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA).

If this happens, the journey time of Mumbai-Pune will reduce to 13-14 minutes from 3 hrs by car.


The company said in a statement that it could look at connecting Nagpur, which is in the easternmost part of Maharashtra, with Mumbai and Pune to vastly improve passenger and freight transportation.

Hyperloop is a mode of transportation in which commuters travel through pods in a sealed pipe and the speed could reach 1200 km/hr. The speed that hyperloop technology can deliver is the speed which is two to three times faster than high-speed rail. For example, it takes 20 minutes to travel 300-km commute.


“A hyperloop route requires high-density traffic to become viable as a means of rapid public transit. Mumbai and Pune, the most and seventh most populous cities in India respectively, have the potential to provide an optimal route with a high density. By reducing travel time to under 20 minutes, a hyperloop route will help intensify the connectivity between the metropolitan regions of Pune and Mumbai, transforming the two cities into India’s first and largest megapolis.”, said CM Devendra Fadnavis.


The good news is that Bengaluru-Chennai may also be connected with hyperloop.  If this happens, you can travel 350 km in just 20 mins.

Don’t you feel it is amazing? And do you think it comes into reality? Is this much speeding good enough? What are your views on this? Share us in the comments.  There are so many incredible things happening around the world. Check out.

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